FiberSensing Sale
Portugal / Germany

Fibre optic monitoring for critical assets

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Overview & Background

A spin-out from the INESC Porto research institute, FiberSensing is the world’s leading provider of Fibre Bragg Grating optical sensor systems.

The company serves a wide range of markets and applications – including energy (e.g. power generators, wind turbines), structural health monitoring (e.g. bridges, tall buildings) and transport (e.g. aircraft, rail) – and boasts blue-chip customers such as Airbus, General Electric and Siemens.

Positioning Process

As part of our Active Portfolio Development programme with Portugal Ventures (FiberSensing’s largest shareholder), Go4Venture acted as exclusive financial advisor to FiberSensing and its shareholders throughout the transaction.

We positioned FiberSensing as a best-in-class technology developed by experts in the optical sensing field, with potential to significantly grow revenues if part of a global distribution platform. A variety of potential strategic acquirers were approached, with roadshows in both the US and Europe.


Having received multiple acquisition offers, FiberSensing was ultimately sold to HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement, and subsidiary of FTSE 250 listed Spectris plc.

FiberSensing has been established as the centre of excellence for the global HBM optical business, and will benefit from HBM’s global sales network while filling a key gap in HBM’s portfolio of measurement technologies.